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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Recession doom and gloom – or a reinvention of humanity?

Although the year has ended with a strong element of doom and gloom there may be a strong opportunity for the reinvention of humanity in economics, social and environmental terms. It does not necessitate being radical or revolutionary more just getting back onto the right pathway after a half a century of unjustified materialism?

More and more people are standing up to themselves, the media, the neurotic social assumptions that drive us (in the 1950’s in the Western World we searched out communist – in the 1970’s we awaited nuclear annihilation – in the 2000’s we searched out paedophiles) and ask themselves how much have we been bamboozled and brain washed by everything around us. Things may be bad politically and economically – yet in your own individualism there are opportunities for a happier and better quality of healthy living and outlook on life.

There are concerns that an increased suicide rate will hit many countries over this season, as many people give up due to being trapped in impossible situations of a rock and hard place during economic collapse. Things are very desperate for many out there - the majority of us recognise this.
However, there is a reason that all people have not turned to alcoholism or drug addiction, just break down, become insular and prematurely end their lives. The main reason is because as individuals we can tolerate more pressure, pain and challenges than we could possibly credit ourselves with. Humanity is spiritually stronger than it believes – this will be our trump card!
The current recession is unpredictable, many ‘sources’ believe it will last for decades, others believe it can be resolved with by 2020. Different political/economic/academic/Think Tank groups will have their own respective differing opinions. Yet if the greatest minds in industry hesitate to even guess where the Internet will be progressing in the next 3-4 years, there is little wonder many do not wish to guess where the economy will be in an equal amount of time.
One thing is assured though in any recession and that is our human creativity is quickly evolved/forced, we become more innovative and efficient with very limited resources. Self-sufficiency is constantly percolating in the background as individuals/families/communities attempt to:
·         Produce their own food, support local Farmers markets
·         Produce their own energy, or join energy co-operatives
·         Provide their own education and skills improvement 
·         Improve our homes and workplaces to make for more efficient living/working activities.
A new drive towards community ownership of local renewable energy systems, local food growing partnerships and locally owned building co-operatives are becoming evident.
The Christmas 2011 season has been a very underplayed affair this year as multiple cut backs hit virtually everyone. Even children and teenagers have been found quoting “it doesn’t feel like Christmas this year!” yet this is not said in misery yet rather rational recognition – from all ages.
This may be a sign of us moving away from our materialism and towards a more social/spiritual/holistic pathway which could overall improve our quality of life. Lets face it the materialism angle has not exactly helped us as the global economies have consistently ran through boom and bust for the last few centuries.
A great opportunity lies ahead of humanity now. Many of the world’s problems could be alleviated within one generation – a mere three decades. Empowerment, transparency, confidence in fairness and ethics, community/society engagement, trust and professional conduct are just some issues humanity comprehends can deliver us to a greater quality of life. Yet as many selfish individuals (often in higher positions in life) will not adhere to these conventions, thus progress is stunted. How we get there is up to you. Every community will have a somewhat unique dynamic that can focus on bringing about social/economic/environmental improvements.
Are you willing to share what you have found? What can you do to improve local (and the knock on effect to possible improve national and international) quality of life? We have the tools to communicate globally with the Internet and we have human resolve that drives us. So where do we go from here?

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