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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Ready to give up? When something can be made from nothing !! Keep talking, writing, blogging, tweeting ..... sharing!

Too many times we get wrapped up, side-lined and deferred by life. Who would have thought producing 500 words a month as a simple blog would be such a challenge? 24 months has passed since the 'volunteer burn out' entry was produced in January 2016 - and 2018 begins in a few short days ..... A lot can happen in 30 days (as politicians will say "a week in politics is a long time!") yet in 24 months significance rebuilding has been undertaken by Davius and it's ongoing very long term projects from 25 years ago to present ..... the progress is excruciatingly slow - yet when progress is not reported; many assume things are dead - when they are in fact potentially thriving on a micro level.
Would Big Data models of reporting in a few decades be able to show the real in-depth vast dynamics of just one community of 500 - 5000 people? Is reporting in the current day effective in really getting an absolute factful and true account (don't those two cancel each other out?) of what is really transpiring in a given social phenomenon or entity?
This insignificant tiny blog writer has failed the few people who read these blogs by not being consistent with them - as when blogs started in 2011 at least half a dozen were put a year then .....  now what? 1 in 24 months? How did this happen ....? No discipline to allocate 1 hour a month to blog-it-up? Is there any point blogging? Is it supporting the local and global reinforcement that we wish to tackle the massive global challenges of abuse-of-power, wars, trafficking, disclosure, global warming etc - or is blogging about selfish self-promotion - in itself a self-destructive process?
The only thing that can be reaffirmed is that you are NOT alone. What positive 'small thing' you do will have some positive causal impact if you talk to your neighbours, build local relationships and engage with your community; be it families, faith groups, local businesses, local voluntary bodies etc. you will be inspired by the fact that many of them will wish to collaborate - or at least share in the information/news/updates about what is happening in your area! People will continue your efforts from vast distances away from where you originally began the process.
This has been achieved - in districts that are wrongly perceived to be ghetto's - when in fact where individuals have made the effort to go out and find everyone, give them information (like contacts local police, councillor, or health entities - or invitations from community, libraries, voluntary tasks) then build it up into a regular newsletter (hard copy as many are not digitally proficient or have internet access), support the formation of sub groups that can all tackle individual problems in local waste, planning, noise, anti-social activity ..... believe if people are armed with the process to deal with local issues - they can all be empowered to do something about the local problems and create a connected, socially stronger and safer community !! If you believe in the process - you can mobilise a district, encourage everyone to work together - as long as it is done for the spirit of the community; not your own selfish agenda as people will figure it out in the end !!
The immediate challenges we face all have always been at crisis point (global warming, the harvestable soil disappearing in the mid to late 21st Century, starvation, homelessness, crime and anti-social behaviour) - yet quickly forgotten by our immediate problems (all spun from a warped economic model, sense of vacuous appearance focused on vanity not real health, a manipulated media system, aspirations facilitated by social mobility which encourages only falseness, pretentious and snobbery) which has only caused more social decline than social progress. To this it should be encouraged that we actively keep reaching out to each other - communally, locally, globally ... and beyond. 
We are all held to account - not by a legal system, Government or council guidelines - yet by our peers - be it community; our friends & families, our neighbours ... the ones that should be there to keep us in check, help us reflect, aspire and ensure we are objectively and fairly moving forward together!