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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Why should we be supporting local groups?

Too many good people have a ‘what can I do about it?’ which holds many of us back. Significant problems that come along may seem overwhelming and too many times understandably we feel utterly helpless. This may be deemed true when giant projects are moved into your neighbourhood and many are vastly unsettled by such projects.
Networking is something that is still under-rated, with many people totally unaware of (new and long-term) projects being undertaken in their own locality. Projects such as mapping where anyone can find nearby projects of interest is a phenomenon that is emerging now.
Our prejudices sometimes get the better of us and we do not give some groups the benefit of the doubt to see whether they are worthy of our time. Are they just after our money or is the said group actually able to contribute something positive and significant to our locality.
Frequently the ‘little people’ are able tostop giant industrial projects which could cause damage to their locality (yet it is of no concern to the Industry owners who may be on the other side of the country – or planet!) and such activities can reconnect communities that it’s own locals may have given up on. There is always hope.
Getting the message out there is important, if you put a blog, a video, a public message out there – it will draw people in to work together and make a positive impact. What can you do?