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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Local economy initiatives and developing trust can help bond our communities again.

With so many pockets within cities and rural areas more effected by the global economic downturn (with few signs of recovery) than others – many families, people and communities are despairing. By adhering to some conventions we have allowed many of our natural skills to diminish.

As opposed to travelling far to find work, it is likely there are local requirements for your skills – yet a lack of social connectivity for people to exchange what they can buy or sell. What forums exist? Who will co-ordinate all of it? These are the questions we should ask ourselves if your community is to set up local economic co-operatives (Social enterprises? Local business?) in order to co-ordinate your neighbours.

One such group who have successfully and practically thought out these processes and created a living breathing local entity is the Cardiff Taffs Community Currency. Please look at the video below:

Creating a local currency may be one strong format forward to encourage local skills to come to the forefront of economies. Bringing people together and creating bonds of trust over several years will encourage a greater spirit within communities. This is not about abandoning conventional economy – yet having complimentary measures to begin a social/economic social symbiosis - it's about creating real links in your community. Forming such bonds and having several 'go to guys' will improve your overall quality of life.
What is going in your area? What can you do? Possibly more than you can credit yourself with … reach out. With social networking, group forums, video, blogs, a fragile global economy; no time is better than now!