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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Food – high tech & low tech ………. Can all be part of the solution – as we stop the acceleration of our demise ….

The proverbial and literal fires may have been really lit up on 7 BILLION people as the international scientific community believe we must all accelerate efforts to stop global warming.

The real issue is not lack of intelligence, or skills - its a capacity that overwhelms millions of individuals when they think/believe they can not do anything to improve given situations like global warming etc.

Best practise must be shared everywhere - a few billion more trees planted, a few trillion indigenous wildflowers/flora and fauna can be propagated within 24-36 months! Its just about mass un-coordinated voluntary efforts to make it all happen.

Food miles is one of many of the heaviest burdens internationally we suffer. All countries across your world have shown interest in local food growing. One recent example is In LA: Los Angeles (yes California) a pioneering group who have grown the majority of their own food in close proximity of the City of Angels.

Imagine 100,000 locations all over the world doing this? The immediate causal positive impact of reducing fuel/chemical/resource intense use producing less methane/CH4 …. then also adding a few billion baby trees whose teenage years in the 2030's will suck in peta-tonnes of Carbon dioxide CO2.

Every small step can mean so much. Connected communities can mean stronger, peaceful, crime deterring diverse communities of rich culture, sharing skills - sharing responsibility - sharing the international benefits.

This is YOUR time now - not to prove to 7 billion others - yet to prove to yourself your contribution is invaluable!!

What can you do?